EPS Pallet Shipper 1200L for CRT

A pharma company wants to send complete GMA and EUR pallets of medications and pharma products under controlled room temperature of 15 to 25 degree Celsius to their overseas customers by air freight.


The Offered Solution

For clinical trials it is important to keep the integrity of the tested drug from manufacturing to the patient. For successful testing of the drug in clinical trials it is absolute mandatory to avoid any additional influence that might disturb the beneficial properties of the drug.

Temperature influences can be crucial for the outcome of the clinical trial if the tested drug is temperature sensitive.

delta T has the experience from multiple clinical trials to keep cold chain medicine at constant temperature from the production plant until the patient.


This case study shows the delta T BlueLine Bag 10L together 4C Fluid elements to keep the clinical trial drug at 2 to 8°C on the last mile.

The system was validated with 6 pieces of 4C Accu 200ml and keep stable temperature for up to 8 hours. It was successfully applied for worldwide phase II and phase III clinical trials for some of the world biggest pharma companies.


The System parts


The clinical trial transport system for 2 to 8°C consists of one BlueLine Bag 10L and six pieces of 4C Accu 200ml.

Due to delta T Fluid technology and CE certified products, the drug should be in direct contact with the thermal stabilizing elements. Full validation report and packaging instruction are available.


Technical Performance

Use: Clinical Trial Phase 2, Clinical Trial Phase 3, in House Hospital
Temperature stability: 8 to 12 hours
Payload: up to 5 medication packages
Weight: 2.5 kg

On the right you can see the payload temperature curve inside the bag versus an ambient temperature of 25 deg C. The temperatures of the delta T Fluid elements and the payload are exactly the same to that no thermal damages can occur.

delta T offers a wide range of different bag sizes and element so that all possible payload size can be covered.


Learn more about the Blueline Bags for clincal trials

You are planning or operating a clinical trial with a cold chain drug or another drug that need temperature control? Call us or send us an email. We will make your clinical trial temperature safe.

This is the best transport bag with cooling elements and PCM elements for clinical trials in the market. It makes sure that the temperature of the cold chain drug will stay within 2 to 8 deg C. The bag is insulated with the latest insulation foam technology and made of sturdy woven fabric.