Development of Insulated Shipping Containers

The cooling or heating is usually connected with insulation. There is the cooling or heating source, the insolation and the cargo (technically known as “payload”).

In the development of insulated transport packaging, we need a source of cooling and insulation. Depending on the temperature range, delta T’s fluid accus can be used for cooling, heating and maintaining the temperature.

After setting the performances such as product temperature, transport time and size of the required transport system, delta T can perform aided simulations for the thermal heat conductivity of the entire transport solution under variable ambient temperature conditions.

When developing an insulated transport packaging, delta T can draw from a rich pool of existing products and previous projects that have been used widely.

An important prerequisite for us as developers is an absolute precise definition of the basic parameters by the customers. A development of i.d.R. for about 6-8 weeks, followed by copious temperature test to give the process the necessary security guarantee.

delta T offers not just developemt according to customers but as well as the market requirements. For more information, check out our product section.

delta T Cool Box