The corporate objective of delta T Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik mbH is to consistently secure the existence of the company by maintaining the customer relationships developed over many years and by supporting new customers. The basis for this is the pronounced, targeted customer orientation in all business processes. Through consistent customer orientation, combined with the resulting successes, each individual employee's personal sense of value is increased, their identification with the company's goals promoted and the long-term stability of the company secured. The highest guideline for our business activities are the company principles that are at the forefront of our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.

The mission statement is supported by the corporate objectives

  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Safeguarding the future by expanding market shares as well as
  • Safeguarding jobs through planned growth

In order to meet customer expectations and ensure long-term business success, the following principles apply to delta T Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik mbH:

  • The standard for the quality of our service is determined by the customer. His judgment is crucial
  • Quality can only be ensured through controlled processes
  • our work must be profitable to develop our company further and to secure our jobs in the long term
  • Quality through constant employee training within the company
  • Quality through customer proximity

Continuous improvements to achieve the quality and corporate goals are a special obligation for us:

  • Only supply customers with flawless products and services
  • continuous improvement of business processes to ensure quality and productivity
  • Promotion of quality awareness at all levels by management
  • Cost optimization by avoiding errors
  • continuously develop our management system

These goals and principles are the benchmark for all business processes.