The corporate objective of delta T Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik mbH is to produce thermal stabilizing elements and insulated containers. We strive to create and maintain long term relationships with our customers. We deeply understand that our customers are at the heart of our business and will do everything to give them the best support for our thermal stabilizing elements and insulated containers. To achieve excellence with our customers, we must also focus on working internally and with our suppliers to innovate. We thoroughly test our new and currently shipping hardware to make sure our customers are receiving the highest quality equipment. We regularly audit and test our suppliers to make sure we are using the highest quality components.

delta T’s Objectives

  • Committed to providing the highest-quality products. Achieved through quality testing all of our products and auditing suppliers.
  • Worry free and hassle free customer service. Achieved through in-depth training and finding the best employees.
  • Cutting edge products created by our innovative R&D team. Achieved through making data driven decisions.


In order to meet customer expectations and ensure long-term business success, the following principles apply to delta T Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik mbH:

  • The standard for the quality of our service is determined by the customer. His judgment is crucial
  • Quality can only be ensured through controlled processes
  • our work must be profitable to develop our company further and to secure our jobs in the long term
  • Quality through constant employee training within the company
  • Quality through customer proximity

Continuous improvements to achieve the quality and corporate goals are a special obligation for us:

  • Only supply customers with flawless products and services
  • continuous improvement of business processes to ensure quality and productivity
  • Promotion of quality awareness at all levels by management
  • Cost optimization by avoiding errors
  • continuously develop our management system

These goals and principles are the benchmark for all business processes.