Validation & Measurement

Measurement is a process that occurs every day at delta T. Measurements are carried out for all temperature ranges for which delta T offers special fluids, for constellations that customers specify and for extreme cases of expected outside temperatures.

These measurement processes are similar to a developed scientific standard, which is the same in process and documentation. With delta T, measurements are carried out in climatic chambers or - if relevant - even under real conditions in shipping, transport or storage.

We use our own ThermoScan system for the measurements - these are calibrated probes that are attached to various parts of a system and provide very precise data. The development department at Dipl.-Ing. Bienert is leading.

When one speaks of validation, one speaks of framework conditions which the legislator specifies and which have to be fulfilled under real conditions.

It is therefore best to carry out a validation, which is much more complex than a simple measurement, in the customer's house, who also packs and sends the transports. Delta T can offer validation as a service.

The legislator prescribes (e.g. in the GDP) which measurement runs and general conditions must be observed.

Validation is valid as long as there is no change to the transport system (insulated container and accu) and the general conditions (outside temperatures at the packaging location, outside temperatures during transport, etc.) remain relatively the same.

You can obtain the conditions for carrying out a validation and its documentation from your regional legislator.

delta T validation & measurement with delta T ThermoScan