EPS Pallet Shipper 1200L for CRT

A German pharmaceutical company would like to send its pharmaceuticals on Euro and GMA pallets with Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) of 15 to 25 ° C worldwide by air freight.


Case study - delta T Pallet Shipper

When transporting temperature-controlled drugs internationally, it need be ensured that the temperature is not too high or too low during loading, unloading or reloading. For example, under transportation conditions of 15(°C) to 25(°C), the temperature of the goods cannot be lower or higher than this range.
The pallet transportation solution provided by delta T can perfectly solve the problems in the transportation. The 18C Accu S1 L x 3 Boards can keep the temperature in the pallet within the specified range. The specific holding time required has a positive correlation with the quantity of 18 C Accu S 1 L x 3 boards.168 hours of transportation can be easily achieved.

In this case study, an EU-Pallet of pharmaceuticals was transported at a constant temperature of 15(°C) to 25(°C) for 120 hours to the destination.

The heights of the Pallet Shipper are optimally adapted to the height of the cargo hold, so that an optimal use of space is possible.

In the picture you can see the dimensions of the goods in 120 cm x 80 cmx 120 cm with EU pallet. 18C Accu x 3Boards are around the products. Accus also can be added at the lid part of pallet for achieving constant temperature transportation longer time.

The system can be completely prepacked without the goods, so that the payload or goods can be easily placed at the pick-up location.

The advantage over conventional systems, in which the pallets are only placed in appropriate refrigerated containers at the airport, is the temperature safety from the drug store to the end user. No special measures are required during the transport chain.

Case study - delta T Pallet Shipper - sketch

The system consists of six parts. 1xBottom, 1x lid, 2x short sides and 2x long sides. EPS parts are equipped with holders for the Accus. US pallets (122 cm x 102 cm ) and EURO pallets (120 cm x 80 cm ) both available.

The technology adopted by delta T allows the drug to directly contact the elements during cold chain transportation, thereby ensuring temperature stability to the greatest extent. Packing instructions and verification reports can be provided.

The exact configuration of the different sizes with batteries can be found on the product page.