Disposable insulating box for 50L 2°C to 8°C for 72 hours


Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Maximum transport time

72-80 hours

Product temperature

+2°C ~ +8°C

Environmental temperature

  • Inter-continental transport
  • Air freight
  • Small planes
  • One way shipment
  • Global healthcare


A renowned company who provides pharmaceutical cold chain services is looking for a small, passively cooled thermobox for worldwide shipments of +2 to +8°C products.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) box 50L long range can be combined with vacuum panels.

delta T offered isolation EPS line 50L long range that can be combined with vacuum panels for longer transportation times, which was qualified taking into consideration the customer’s specific requirements.

EPS 50L long range is lightweight, easy to handle insulated box. Ergonomic handles to absorb the force of the impact when the box is dropped. With feet-like at the bottom so forks transport devices can be easily used. The design was taking into consideration to ensure easy and safe transportation.

Temperature Test

case study - delta T eps-line-50l_ diagram_cold
Cold Scenario
Case study - delta T eps-line-50l_vergleich_summer
Summer Scenario