Aluminium and Hard Plastic Passive Boxes

Big Box passiv


High-efficiency insulation box
Order No: B 1000 17

Outer: 460 x 385 x 590 mm
Inner: 340 x 280 x480mm
Volume: 45L
Color: grey / white
Weight: 6,12kg


Sturdy insulated container with 45L internal volume made of HDPE. with PU foam insulation of the 3rd generation and 50 mm insulation. The box has two side handles and can be easily carried by one person.

Magnetic closure and the foam seal provides a dust and air tight seal. Due to the smooth surface, the box can be cleaned inside and outside easily.

Suitable for: 2pcs. 3L elements

TVB6 complete


Order No: B 1000 52

Outer: 44 x 264 x 214 mm
Inner: 371 x 175 x165 mm
Volume: 6L
Color: yellow / white
Weight: 1,2 kg


Stable transport container, outer stacking container on request.

Isolation: PU foam for, suitable for battery types 700ml and S 1L ml.


Order No: B 1000 18

Dimensions of Aluminium containers:
Outer: 445 x 340 x 375 mm
Dimensions of TransPorter Blue Line 10 L insulation Insert:
Outer: 380 x 257 x 350 mm
Innen : 290 x 165 x 240 mm
Weight: 5,8 kg

Stable aluminum box with insulating insert, handle on the lid, plastic-coated, lock sealable, box is stackable. Meets the requirements of UN 6.2, type approved. The design meets the requirements of ADR, RID, IMDG Code, UN, ICAO TI and IATA for the transport of dangerous goods Supplied accessories: Bag 470x285x800 with closure clip and suction flow 535 x 375 mm, suitable for the transport of biological hazardous goods with BAM approval.

Approved for a net load of 15 kg. 20 pieces of BioHazzardLogistic Box for 1 Pallet.