Reusable Insulation Box: 2 (°C) to 8 (°C) for 80 hours.

Products User

Pharmaceutical wholesaler

Maximum transport time

80 hours

Temperature required for product transportation

+2(°C) to +8(°C)

Ambient temperature

Road transportation in European climate throughout the year.


According to the requirements of a European customer, the transport packaging needed to be designed to ensure that the product could be transported at a constant temperature in both winter and summer.


TVB 11L 

Thermal insulation box made of VIP and NEOPOR materials with transparent inLiner. Dispobox for documents is attached to the insulation cover combining VIP and EPP.

Additionally with 3 pieces of 4C S 1L Accus.

delta T developed a customized packaging system that could be used at any time throughout the year.

Generally, the packaging is designed to be equipped with logistics transportation vehicles. By designing of an efficient thermal insulation system, powerful energy storage elements and thermal insulation packaging, temperature control products in life science can be transported safely. This is a transportation solution suitable for the whole year.

Temperature Test

Case study - Voigt-Winter
Winter scenario
Case study - Voigt-Summer
summer scenario