Intelligent transport solutions at specific temperatures

When it comes to the transport of thermo-sensitive life science products, you will find the right solutions with us.

delta T Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik mbH

delta T was founded in early 2000 and itis located in Fernwald, just 50 km north of Frankfurt Main in central Germany. The company produces thermal stabilizing elements and insulated containers to maintain life science products at specific temperatures.

What are delta T fluids?

Due to the delta T fluid technology, different temperature ranges can be constantly achieved within an insulated container. The temperature range of the element is easily identifyable by the colour of the fluids.

These products are used for transporting blood components, organs and pharmaceuticals that require stable temperatures to maintain their life saving and life giving properties.

Benefits for our clients

Our products are simple to use and reliable. We have boxes and Fluid elements designed for transporting from 6 to 168 hours. Pharmaceutical wholesalers use our temperature safe transport boxes with precooled fluid elements for delivery to pharmacies.

When transporting large pallets from Europe to South America, using a Pallet shipper with vacuum insulation ensures the right temperature range inside the sensitive products. Blood donation centers use 4C TempShells to transport single blood bags directly into hospitals, without breaking the cold chain.

Recent news from delta T

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Despite the current Covid-19 situation we are still there for you as usual and look forward to your inquiries and orders. Of course we also have all

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ISBT 2019

ISBT 2019 in Basel

Many thanks to the ISBT for this year's event. We met a lot of interesting people and made new contacts and look forward to the next time.

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About delta T

delta T develops and manufactures transport solutions for temperature sensitive products in the Life Science sector.

Our special insulated bags and containers make it possible to transport at constant temperature up to 120 hours. Founded in 2000, delta T Headquarter is in Fernwald, 60 km from Frankfurt, Germany.

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